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What It Takes to Become a Fully Qualified Elevator Repair Technician

Not Sure What to Look for in an Elevator Contractor?  

Elevator mechanics are people that repair, assemble, and install elevators and escalators. This is why they need to possess a wide variety of knowledge in order to work with intricate electrical systems and machinery. In order to become one, you will need to complete a technical or associate’s degree, take part in an apprenticeship program, and sometimes pass an exam in order to obtain a license.

Elevators generally use electronic systems in order to function, so installing and repairing elevators will call for a fair amount of electrical training. A certification or associate’s degree will not be needed to become an elevator repair mechanic, however, it could help individuals when looking for work. Comprehensive vocational training can sometimes provide more opportunities to advance and is seen as more desirable by potential employers, highly-trained employees will save the company money and time they could have spent training more inexperienced employees.

A technical training course will normally cover the basics of wiring, reading blueprints, and installing equipment. Extra courses will train aspiring candidates on how to use microprocessors, welding, and hydraulics. Students will also learn all about the basics pertaining to equipment and techniques to repair them. It is highly advisable for students to find an apprenticeship program when working towards their degree, as this will increase their chance of finding work once they have graduated.

Some mechanics start their careers as an apprentice and will train in installation, repair or assembly jobs. Others could work in apprenticeship positions and still be in school, however, could move on to become supervisors or even managers once they have completed their degree and apprenticeship. Should an apprentice only train in one specific area they will receive a wider knowledge regarding elevators via certification and coursework?

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