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What Are the Different Kinds of Elevator Maintenance Technician Jobs?

Elevator maintenance technician jobs do vary between repair and installation duties, and the make and model of the elevator in question. Some technicians not only work on elevators, but they can install and repair escalators also. Plus, a technician can work only as an upgrade specialist, that is responsible for adding or changing outdated elevator technology to make sure it is compatible with the current components used today.

Some technicians will only install new machines ranging from freight to passenger elevators. Their work will not just be confined to the physical installation, but can also include attaching pulleys, railings, and motor assemblies so the car can go up and down. Other jobs can include programming computer system so passengers can communicate when there is a problem, and ensure the buttons function as they should.

Several elevator technician jobs can also involve repair work. Elevators mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems do break down from time to time, so a technician needs to be able to troubleshoot these systems in an efficient manner, in order for the machine to be in good working order again. Multiple elevator failures which occur all at one will need more than one technician working together in order to solve the problems.

Unexpected repairs and failures can happen over time, however, regular preventative maintenance can prevent this from happening. Moving mechanical parts will need lubricating and adjusting as they will jar loose due to everyday wear and tear. In fact, some elevator services have technicians that only specialize in preventative maintenance, these workers could contact customers at specific times to schedule work to avoid any unforeseen repair problems.

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